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Rowan Road, Clinton
The majority of Sampson County’s general government administration services, along with several of our partner agencies are conveniently located in a campus style setting in the Sampson County Complex, located off Rowan Road in Clinton, just a half a mile off Highway 701 Business. Public parking is available just outside each building.

Building A
Sampson County Board of Education
Sampson County Commissioners Auditorium 
 Building E
Health Department (2nd Floor)
Social Services (1st Floor)
 Building B
Department of Aging
Environmental Health
Parks and Recreation
Probation/Parole(satellite office)
 Building F
Veterans Services
Information Technology
Opportunities Unlimited
 Building C
Administration/County Managers Office
Economic Development
Finance Department
Human Resources
 Building G
Consolidated Farm Services Agency
NRCS (Soil Conservation)


 Building D
Board of Elections
 Building H
Sampson County Public Transportation

Agriculture Place, Clinton
The following facilities are located just south of Clinton on Highway 421. Parking is available adjacent to each building.

Animal Shelter and Adoption Center - 168 Agriculture Pl., Clinton
Livestock Education Facility & George P. Upton Arena - 93 Agriculture Pl., Clinton
Sampson County Cooperative Extension Service - 55 Agriculture Pl., Clinton

The following departments or governmental agencies (primarily court-related) are located in downtown Clinton, the county seat. Free public parking is available in several municipal lots. 

County Courthouse – 101 E. Main Street, Clinton
(All visitors must enter by the south entrance and be prepared to go through a security checkpoint; weapons and cellphones are not allowed.)
Clerk of Court
Courtrooms (2nd Floor-District Court; 3rd Floor- Small Claims, Hearings)
Probation/Parole Offices

Courthouse Extension – 201 E. Main Street, Clinton
District Attorney’s Office
Courtroom (Superior Court)

Courthouse Annex – 119 W. Main Street, Clinton
(Visitors to the second floor should be prepared to go through a security checkpoint prior to entering the courtroom; weapons and cellphone are not allowed in the courtroom.)
Courtroom (2nd Floor, Civil Court)
Register of Deeds Office (1st Floor)
Tax Office (1st and 2nd Floor)


For the main and branch library locations 


Weeks Park -- 517 Clinton St., Newton Grove, NC 28366

Western District Park – 702 W. Clinton Street, Roseboro

Performing Arts and Visitors Services
Agri-Exposition Center – 414 Warsaw Road, Clinton
Clinton-Sampson Chamber of Commerce – 414 Warsaw Road, Clinton
Sampson County Convention & Visitors Bureau – 414 Warsaw Road, Clinton

Public Safety
Emergency Services – 530 Commerce Street, Clinton
Magistrates’ Office – 112 Fontana Street, Clinton
Sampson County Sheriff’s Office & Detention Center – 112 Fontana Street, Clinton

Public Works
Water Operations – 827 Southeast Blvd, Clinton 

Senior Centers
For locations of Senior Centers & Nutrition Sites

Solid Waste Convenience Sites
For waste disposal and recycling sites

For voting site locations