It is the mission of the Sampson County Tax Administration toad minister property taxation and tax collections. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service to the citizens while complying with the statutes that govern the operations of the Tax Office.

The Sampson County Tax Administration is responsible for the appraisal and assessment of property for taxation in all municipalities and special districts within Sampson County. The tax assessor is responsible for supervising the listing and assessing of property, actively discovering unlisted property, and maintaining all tax records which include tax listings, property transfers and new construction. The Tax Assessor acts as the primary interpreter of the property tax laws in North Carolina and the application thereof. The Tax Assessor oversees the maintenance of county tax indexes and maps. The Tax Collector is charged to employ all lawful means to collect property taxes, special taxes, licenses, etc. The Sampson County Tax Administration has four departments: Business Property Listing, Personal Property Listing, Real Estate/Mapping and Tax Collections.

For information concerning property tax listing, assessment, or relief programs contact:

Tax Assessing
PO Box 1082
Clinton, NC 28329

  • Phone: (910) 592-8146
  • Fax Real Estate: (910) 592-1247
  • Fax Personal Property: (910) 592-1227