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Important Notice

Sampson Area Transportation (SAT) has transitioned to Sampson County Public Transportation, effective immediately following the March 4, 2024, Board of Commissioners meeting. This change reflects our commitment to serving the community with enhanced accessibility and service offerings. For access to related documents or the live-stream video of the announcement, please visit the Agendas and Minutes.

System Description

Sampson County Public Transportation is a consolidated transportation system that provides transportation services Monday through Friday for trips to local agencies, medical appointments, individual shopping trips and the community college in Sampson County. Limited services are available for out-of-county medical appointments for the general public. See the schedule below for more information or call the Public Transportation office at (910) 299-0127


Days and Hours of Service

The office hours are 8:00 AM and to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.

Transportation services are from 5:00 AM - 5:00 PM.


Please call 910-299-0127 to register for transportation services. 

Favor de llamar al 910-299-0127 para registrarse a servicios de transportación.


Please call 910-299-0127 to request reasonable modifications. 

Llame al 910-299-0127 para solicitar modificaciones razonables.


  • $2.00 per each trip for in-county transportation
  • Please call Public Transportation Office at 910-299-0127 for information regarding the fare for out-of-county medical transportation

Sampson Same-Day

Sampson County Public Transportation has started a new service called Sampson Same-Day. This service is available within a 10-mile radius of 1011 Sunset Avenue, Clinton (Clinton Post Office). The Same-Day Service fare for each one-way ride is $5.00. Simply call our office to request your pick-up. Call the Public Transportation office for more information today.

Sampson Area Transportation - 910-299-0127

File a complaint?

Please fill out the forms and email it back to the Sampson County Public Transportation