Public Records Request

Sampson County local government endeavors to provide its citizens, employees and the media access to information and records as allowed and prescribed by law.

The North Carolina Public Records Law (NCGS Chapter 132) defines public records as “all documents, papers, letters, maps, books, photographs, films, sound recordings, magnetic or other tapes, electronic data-processing records, artifacts, or other documentary material, regardless of physical form or characteristics, made or received pursuant to law or ordinance in connection with the transaction of public business by any agency of North Carolina government or its subdivisions. Agency of North Carolina government or its subdivisions shall mean and include every public office, public officer or official (State or local, elected or appointed), institution, board, commission, bureau, council, department, authority or other unit of government of the State or of any county, unit, special district or other political subdivision of government.”

There are certain records which the law defines as “confidential” or “identifying” information, and Sampson County complies with the law regarding the withholding of such records from the public.

Examples of Public Records vs. Confidential Information

Examples of public records include (but are not limited to):

  • Property Records
  • Deed information
  • Arrest records
  • Certain voter registration information

Examples of confidential and identifying information include (but are not limited to):

  • Account number for payment (bank account numbers, credit card numbers)
  • Date of birth
  • Medical Record
  • Social Security numbers (SSNs)
  • Trade Secrets


In Sampson County, the County’s Public Information Officer receives and reviews public records requests, and collaborates with the Public Record Custodian who is the Clerk to the Board, sometimes in consultation with the County Attorney. To submit a public information request, please contact the Public Information Officer at (910) 592-6308 or by email at

When possible, we try to provide public records in electronic format with no charge. If this is not possible, the costs for paper copies will be charged pursuant to fees allowed by North Carolina law. Our goal is to provide the majority of the information you may need within this website, and many public records may be found online.



For questions related to obtaining a new address or 911 addressing, contact the Sampson County GIS Office at or call (910) 631-1045.

Tax Bills/Real Estate Data Search

For questions related to tax bill or property searches, contact the Sampson County Tax Administration at (910) 592-8146 or use the online service property record search or tax search.

Register of Deeds

For questions related to deeds, recording of legal documents, marriage licenses, birth and death records, contact the Register of Deeds Office or call  (910) 592-8026.

Voter Records

For questions related to voter data searches, contact the Board of Elections office at (910) 592-5796.