Detention Center

Sampson County Detention Center is equipped with video visitation, Magistrates Office, a secure entrance for law enforcement to enter with prisoners, an intake area for processing prisoners and an attorney visitation area.

Duties and Services

The Detention Services Division is responsible for the intake and control of all inmates housed in the Sampson County Detention Center. Their duties include the following:

  • Processing of arrestees, which includes fingerprinting and photographing.
  • Security searches
  • Service of warrants on inmates
  • General supervision of inmates
  • Transportation of inmates to other facilities
  • Performing DNA testing for court system

Low risk inmates, often referred to as inmate workers, are used to perform many services in the County at no cost to taxpayers. These services include:

  • Providing janitorial services for the Sheriff's Office and Detention Center
  • Providing general labor to various county departments