Sheriff's Office


The Sampson County Sheriff's Office is provided for within the North Carolina Constitution. Sheriffs are elected for four-year terms by the Sampson County residents.

The Sampson County Sheriff's Office is a full service law enforcement agency charged with enforcing the law, investigating crimes, apprehending criminals, providing custody and control of arrested persons through our detention facilities, and serving the court system by service of civil and criminal process and furnishing court security.


The Sampson County Sheriff's Office consists of the Office of Sheriff, Administrative Services, Patrol Operations, Support Services, Investigation Division, and Detention Center.

Chief Deputy

The Chief Deputy Sheriff is the highest ranking appointed law enforcement officer in the Sheriff’s Office, who reports directly to the Sheriff of Sampson County. The Chief Deputy Sheriff supervises the Division Commanders of the following sections within the Sheriff’s Office:

Divisions supervised by the Chief Deputy Sheriff:

• Support Services 
• Criminal Investigations
• Detention Services
• Patrol Operations 
• Special Investigations


Chief Deputy - Allen Autry



Administrative Services

Administrative Services falls under the direct supervision of the Sheriff and consist of both sworn and civilian staff who are also responsible for the following functions:

  • Background investigations on applicants
  • Internal affairs investigations
  • Grant management 
  • Emergency Management Liaison
  • Policy development
  • Personnel Development & Training Coordinator
  • Research and development
  • Public Relations
  • Human Resources
  • Budget Management
  • Receiving, Processing, and Maintaining Reports
  • Providing information to departmental personnel, other law enforcement agencies, and the public
  • Processing permits to purchase handguns
  • Processing sexual offender registration
  • Receiving warrants, orders for arrest, criminal summons and subpoenas
  • Issuing the criminal papers to the Patrol Division
  • Ordering supples for the facility
  • Process bills for payment
  • Assists the Chief Deputy with other projects, as necessary


Eric Pope
Marcus Smith


Patrol Operations

The patrol operations commander is responsible for uniform patrol and the Reserve Deputies Program. Patrol operations is the backbone of the Sheriff's Office and is often the frontline service and protection to the citizens of Sampson County.

Support Services

The Support Services Commander oversees the following units within the Sheriff's Office. Each of these units are essential to providing a high level of service to the citizens of Sampson County and carrying out the mission of the Sheriff's Office.

  • Civil Unit
  • Domestic Violence
  • Court Services
  • School Resource Officer
  • County Security Deputy
  • Animal Control Unit
  • Criminal Interdiction Team
  • Honor Guard


Criminal Investigations

Criminal Investigators perform specialized investigative law enforcement work in the field of violations of the General Statutes of North Carolina. Investigators are responsible for investigating crimes and complaints involving suspected violators of crimes against persons and property, securing evidence, apprehending and prosecuting criminal offenders, presenting evidence and testimony in court, and coordinating the work of Criminal Investigation Division investigators. Investigators work closely with other investigators, deputy sheriffs, line supervisors, other law enforcement agencies, and the general public Investigators are subject to the usual hazards of investigative and general law enforcement work.

Special Investigations

The Sampson County Sheriff's Office, Special Investigation Division, SID, provides the citizens of Sampson County specialized investigations of those crimes involving the North Carolina Controlled Substance Act, gambling, prostitution, illegal dog and rooster fighting, illegal sales of alcohol and investigate the nuisance of unruly neighbors.

SID is expected to work very closely with their counterparts in all Municipalities within Sampson County and surrounding counties, as well as State and Federal agencies. SID is currently composed of seven special agents. Some of SID's Duties include:

  • Investigation of drug related activity
  • Investigation of illegal alcohol activity
  • Investigates prostitution/gambling activities
  • Manages and operates undercover operations
  • Works closely with Federal, State, and Local law enforcement authorities involving drug related investigations
  • Other investigative related activities
  • Gangs

Sheriff's Emergence Response Team

The mission of the Sheriff's Emergency Response Team is to provide the citizens of Sampson County and the Sampson County Sheriff's Office with a ready response team to contain, negotiate, and resolve the critical high-risk incidents utilizing specialized tactical measures. This team must possess the expertise and specialized equipment which the average officer does not possess and apply them in reaching successful solution to a high-risk critical incident. It should be noted that all members of the Sheriff's Emergency Response Team are made up of volunteers from several division within the Sheriffs Office.