7th Public Notice Sale of County Property

Published on July 02, 2024

public notice finance.png



An offer of $276,100.00 has been submitted for the purchase of certain property owned by the County of Sampson, more particularly described as follows:

BEING all of that tract or parcel of land containing 1.992 acres, more or less, as more particularly described as “New Lot 2” on the survey map entitled “Subdivision Plat on the Property of Sampson County at the Sampson County Veterans Park” prepared by Dewberry Engineers, Inc. under date of March 4, 2024 and recorded in Map Book 116 at Page 32 of the Sampson County Registry;

SUBJECT TO a 0.268 acre, more or less, easement for ingress, egress, and parking, to be retained by the County, as more particularly depicted on the aforementioned survey map; and

Persons wishing to upset the offer that has been received shall submit a sealed bid with their offer to the office of the Clerk to the Board of Commissioners, located at 406 County Complex Road, Building C, Clinton, NC 28328, by 2:00 P.M., July 16, 2024. At that time the Clerk shall open the bids, if any, and the highest qualifying bid will become the new offer. If there is more than one bid in the highest amount, the first such bid received will become the new offer.

A qualifying higher bid is one that raises the existing offer to an amount not less than $289,955.00.

A qualifying higher bid must be accompanied by a deposit in the amount of five percent (5%) of the bid; the deposit may be made in cashier’s check, or certified check. The County will return the deposit on any bid not accepted and will return the deposit on an offer subject to upset if a qualifying higher bid is received. The County will return the deposit of the final high bidder at closing.

The buyer must pay with a cashier’s check or certified funds at closing.

The Board of Commissioners must approve the final high offer before the sale is closed. The County reserves the right to withdraw the property from sale at any time before the final high bid is accepted and the right to reject at any time all bids.

Further information may be obtained at the office of Clerk to the Board of Commissioners, 406 County Complex Road, Building C, Clinton, NC 28328, or at telephone (910) 592-6308 during normal business hours.